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Developing Artificial Ligament for

Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction


▶ Aug. 7, 2020      CoreTissue BioEngineering and Teijin Limited agree on alliance to mass produce artificial ligament

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▶ July 7, 2020      The annual report of the AMED grant program was published - Japanese only


▶June 18, 2020       The CEO went onto the online platform of the Joint Pitch - Deep Tech for Good: Medical Innovations

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▶ Feb. 12, 2020.      The 2020 renewal of the AMED grant program was approved - Japanese only  

▶ Nov. 26, 2019   The CEO went onto the platform of the 34th NEDO Pitch "Academic Venture x Health-tech" - Japanese only


▶ Nov. 18, 2019   Received grant from the Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science & Engineering


▶ Oct. 16, 2019      Funded as the first investment by Waseda University Official Fund - Japanese only



Contributing to healthcare around the world with our novel medical devices.


To support athletes and patients in returning to sports and ordinary life through animal tissue derived medical devices with self-regeneration.



Reconstruction of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)


The ACL connects two bones, the femur and tibia of your legs,

to stabilize knee motions. Excess force on the joint can sometimes

break the ligament during playing sports like succor football,

basketball, or skiing. Injury of the ACL is popular among sport injuries.

Once you have ACL rupture, you must undergo surgery on the rupture

for reconstruction if you want to return to the sport. Every year, over

eight hundred thousand patients around the world undergo

reconstruction surgery.

Unfortunately, there is no medical device for healing ligament rupture;

your doctor removes healthy hamstring tendon from your leg and

makes a graft for reconstruction. We call this autologous graft, or


The problem of using autograft is that it causes pain, restricts motion,

and causes adverse reaction related to the harvesting of tissue.

In addition, if you experience a rupture again, there is no more tissue

available for reconstruction surgery.

There used to be several artificial ligaments made of synthetic fiber.

However, since the performance was not good enough, it is hardly

used in now.

Therefore, orthopedic physicians and patients have long been looking

for an effective medical device for reconstruction.

Development of Artificial Ligament for ACL Reconstruction

Our first target is an implantable medical device for treatment of the rupture of the ACL. Our concept is to make a medical device with animal tendon. Our tissue source is tendon from cow’s legs which is strong enough as an artificial ligament.

To prevent allergic reaction or graft rejection, we remove cells from the tissue. The tendon is freeze-dried and sterilized after removing the cells. The device is an off-the-shelf product that can be stocked in hospitals to be available at any time.

We utilize the following two key technologies invented by Prof. Kiyotaka Iwasaki. Ph.D., Waseda University:

  1. Decellularization technology radiating microwave to the tissue and washing cell components with the palatized perfusion of detergent (MAPP method)

  2. Lyophilization and sterilization technology maintaining the mechanical property of the artificial ligament and providing recovery to supple condition easily once immerse to the saline solution


These technologies could make it possible to develop the artificial ligament with biocompatibility and mechanical strength as the artificial ligament.

Decellularized artificial tendon

of biological origin

Chart & Stethoscope


Company Name | CoreTissue BioEngineering Inc.

Funded | November 29, 2016

Representative | President and CEO, Yoji Jokura, Ph.D.

Headquarter | Kasuya Building 3F, 65 Kikui-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Wakamatsucho Office | Ark Court Wakamatsucho #103 , 15-16 Wakamatsucho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

TEL | +81 (0)3  6228 0053

FAX | +81 (0)3  6228 0853







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